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Are you looking for markers for an art project, your business, or just for day-to-day use? Markers 4 U, Inc., understands your needs and provides you with a wide selection of high-quality markers for your needs. Our selections include oil-based Uni Paint markers with different tips, dependable and blunt Sharpie permanent markers, and high-quality Uni Posca markers that are ideal for making special displays for your restaurant specials. Just take a look at the many selections we offer and we know you'll find something perfect for you!

Markers 4 U, Inc., understands your needs. Many business owners have come to rely on us when they are seeking Sharpie permanent markers for their business. They know that they can come directly to us and find amazing deals on items like our Uni Paint markers in a variety of colors. Shop now with us and find the Uni Posca markers you need. We know you'll have no problems finding the right markers for the job.

uni-Paint oil based markers by Sanford ~~3 tips to choose from~~
Solid Markers by Sakura
Solid Markers by Sakura~~8 basic and 3 fluorescent colors~~
uni-Posca water based paint markers. Used extensively by Auto Dealers. Also used by auto body shop. Great for temporarily marking up glass windows. Popular with surfboard painters when sealed with clear acrylic.
Mean Streak by Sanford
Mean Streak by Sanford ~~2 Bold Colors~~
Sharpie Poster Paint
Sharpie Poster Paint Markers
Zig Posterman Markers
Zig Posterman markers are the world's leading markers for sign writing on chalkboards, whiteboards and windows.
Zig  Illumigraph
Zig Illumigraph Markers Highly Fluorescent, wet wipe markers. "Popular for marking specials on chalkboards"
Zig Woodcraft Water-Based Markers
Don't let the name fool you. Like the Zig Posterman these Water-Based markers are widely used by Graphic Artist on chalkboards. Easily removed with an ammonia based cleaner. And with up to 43 vibrant colors such as Primrose and Crimson you can create.
Bright Sticks
Bright Sticks by Sanford available in the 5 color set or individual colors.
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